Rainbow DashEdit

This cyan blue pegasus has a rainbow colored mane and magenta eyes. She is the element of loyalty and loves hanging out with all her awesome friends! Rainbow Dash is a speed demon and loves nothing more than racing through the clouds. She can even clear the sky in only 10 seconds flat!


Ever since she was a young filly Rainbow Dash has always dreamed of joing the elite flying group called the Wonderbolts. In the episode 'Sonic Rainboom' Rainbow Dash participated in the Young Fliers competition in front of her heroes. When they got knocked out trying to save Rarity from falling to her doom Rainbow Dash swooped in to save the day while at the same time pulling off the legendary Sonic Rainboom. In the 'Best Night Ever' she met the Wonderbolts again at the Grand Galloping Gala. She saved Soarin's apple pie from falling and was invited to hang with the Wonderbolts in the VIP section. Soon Rainbow Dash was considered good enough to join the Wonderbolts Academy in the episode 'Wonderbolts Academy'. She met an ambitious flier called Lightning Dust who almost caused her friends to get injured bu using a tornado to wipe away clouds. Rainbow Dash went and told Spitfire that if recklessness was what was encouraged as a Wondebolt than she didn't want any part of it. This self sacrifice was rewarded when Spitfire appointed her to Lead Pony instead of Wing.