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Want to know as much as you can get your hooves on? Well I hope this website gives you a helping hoof.Feel free to add some info as well

 Alright everypony first off we'll start with the old welcome how do you do thing. I just want to sprinkle some info out there for all you awesome pony fans. Season 4 is now airing (hint go to DailyMotion to watch the currently aired ones if you don't get the hub). Now as we know at the end of season 3 Twilight Sparkle becomes an alicorn which also earns her the princess status. The first episode in season 4 shows us that she isn't completely comfortable with her wings and her friends calling her Princess Twilight. As for the rest of the pony gang there's going to be an episode called "Daring Don't" airing really soon. From the looks and description of it,it might be centered around Rainbow Dash in some way.Now the others I'm sure will have an episode centered around them too it's just that the season just started.All in all, I'm sure we can expect a lot from season 4.( Chat about it and tell me if you guys enjoyed it in the chat).

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